The Feminine Warrior

From the previous post and class I was reminded of Archetype Cards. I have enjoyed making these collages and find I wander back and forth
with them. I have kept a notebook through the years of the writings and a deck of cards. I am a firm believer in Jung and find his teachings and
books most helpful in everyday daily life.

I would like my life to become more adventurous, I have to be willing to take more risks, try new methods and ways of doing things in a perhaps a little
more daring way. The archetype I feel that best describes the adventurous type would be the feminine warrior. She is the heroine in books, she has
at times lived in darkness and struggled to brake free. When she finds the way out of her struggles she returns to the light with more strengths.

I feel she repeats the process many times over, an evolving character.

~Notes, SoulCollage a good starting point for creating the cards.

By Patricia

Living in Upstate, New York, I would consider myself a mixed media artist and writer of stories, and poetry. I enjoy painting & sketching, altered books, collage on canvas, making dolls, and reading. I am the proud mother to six lovely children.


  1. This is a striking strong image. Powerful. I love the idea of being adventurous. My late husband said I was risk averse. My stepdaughter calls me “risk averse savage” since I told her the story. My new husband just rolls his eyes 🤣


  2. I am drawn to Jung and his archetypes and active imagination too. It’s one of the things I enjoy studying most in my art therapy degree. We were even taught about SoulCollage and I fell in love. I have created a number of them myself and I love how one day they can mean one thing and the next day they can have a different meaning altogether! 🙂


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