My name is Patricia and I would consider myself a mixed media artist of sorts a writer of stories, and poetry.
I enjoy keeping a journal, reading, making dolls, crochet work and knitting.

My personal work you will find here is many years of accumulated writings, sketches, art of all mediums and the desire to share and showcase time well spent. Through the years I have had many blogs at different places for various reasons and now find myself here. If by chance I repeat a photo, or piece of art work – please just enjoy them. It isn’t done with any malice or with the intent to fool.
Some of the art work found here is older and dates back to the year 2001. I found altered art by accident while searching for something new to do in my spare time. I started exchanging and making my own postcards and then found the world of altered books. I have remained on this incredible journey for over ten years.

Since I can remember I have always enjoyed opening a new box of crayons,
the smell and creamy consistency of white glue, and collecting paper items along with books.
As I grew older, paint in tubes intrigued me along with the sound of stiff bristle brushes applying color to the white canvas.

Art has sustained me and saved my sanity more than once. Over the years I have met wonderful kind hearted people and feel I have learned many techniques from the best of artists.

Art frees open my soul, the light and dark sides of my personality coincide in the same space for the moment in complete harmony,
I am only truly alive as I create. Through my art work I can only hope I inspire others to reach these places of contentment.

I live in Upstate, New York in a lovely village called Avon. I am the proud mother to six lovely children.

Email: thecrinolinechronicles@gmail.com

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