I imagine a unified sky in the crackling of the night. This woman standing in the moonlight in all her seclusion is contemplating the middle portion of her life. In her center, she hears the screaming voice of the fox. She can be reflective in the darkness. She feels the dampness of the trees and smells dried leaves as she touches her tear-dropped face. She sees an inklike shadow and realizes it is her raven companion. Tonight the raven appears as the color of soot. The woman finds him soothing within the stars and the dark night. The raven is equidistant to the woman contemplating herself ponderings.

I reworked this painting from a previous session – I wasn’t happy with the shape of her face. I gessoed over the first face and a portion of the background. I then reworked the face, and the raven and added the shoulder area. I had covered it up with a texture medium in the painting forgetting to replace it.

The Cowgirl

“Don’t let them tame you.” ~Anonymous

Spirit Medicine, from Melanie Rivers, The Art Journal Page & A deck of ~Medicine Cards~.

For the art journal page, I followed my childhood heart’s desire to try and portray a cowgirl which I always have dreamed of being. The ‘Medicine Cards’ is a deck of twenty that I will use for art and writing.

Neurographic Art

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A personal journey through trauma-based mind kontrol and the current state of MKULTRA "black tech"


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