Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Merlin and the Gleam ~ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Not of the sunlight,
Not of the moonlight,
Not of the starlight!
O young Mariner,
Down to the haven,
Call your companions,
Launch your vessel,
And crowd your canvas,
And, ere it vanishes
Over the margin,
After it, follow it,
Follow The Gleam.

Ever since I first read this poem it resonated with me.
I have been pursuing its contents ever since, The Gleam.
In scattered moments of the early morning I think I come
across it as I greet the new day with a slow rising pink sky,
sometimes in the cold of a winter night, filled with wind and snow drifts,
and sometimes it lingers in those moments somewhere between sleep
and wakefulness known as twilight. It is hard to grasp and comes quietly
with a subtle, muted color palette. I know I always will pursue it close up or
from a distance, in the real world or that of one imagined
… After it, follow it, … Follow The Gleam.

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